Non-Dental Medical Conditions That Dentists Can Discover

Regular dental checkup can help you steer clear of the dental issues that can ruin your oral and overall health. Furthermore, there are certain dental and oral problems you can know the status about when you go for a dental visit. But, it is worth mentioning here that dental visits can help you to know about certain non-dental medical conditions too. Mouth is essentially the entry point of human body. And there are a lot of medical conditions which show their signs of existence when the mouth is checked.

Having that said, it’s worth mentioning some of the most common non-dental medical conditions you can know about while on a dental visit.


There are several signs which happen to appear in the mouth to show pancreatic disorder aka diabetes. Those signs mainly include dry mouth, receding and bleeding gums, and loose teeth. These signs mainly represent the poor immunity and reduced capability of the body to fight infections. But one thing worth mentioning here is that bleeding gums don’t always tell about the diabetic infections. There are a lot of other disorders which can result in bleeding gums.


Infections in mouth can occur due to certain medical conditions or trauma. Although, a dentist wouldn’t run tests for primarily diagnosing or treating these infections, he/she may suggest you antibiotic medications if there are infections existing in the mouth.

Oral cancer

Oral cancer is not something which a dentist is qualified to treat. But a dentist can certainly diagnose oral cancer. Dentist looks for the signs of oral cancer when you pay a dental visit twice a year. The major sign of oral cancer appears as red and white lesions on the palate, tongue, or floor of the mouth. Furthermore, a dentist can give you information about the risk factors which can result in oral cancer.  And the good news is that you can discuss ways to prevent those risk factors in order to prevent oral cancer. The dentist can also conduct oral cancer screening upon seeing signs.


Stress can make a human body to respond in strange manner, and it can be evident from the mouth. Some people suffer from the disorder of bulimia. They can hide it from other people but dentists can discover about the problem pretty easily. We all know that stress is the major reason for the development of bulimia. Moreover, stress can make the stomach acid to come to the mouth. This acid can be pretty dangerous for the teeth enamel. Hence, worn out enamel can tell about the stress in a person.


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